in reply to RFC: Policy regarding abuses of the voting system

Hello jdporter,

> 1. Massive downvoting of nodes belonging some specific user.

This is quite difficult to spot and you got already replies with many shades. There are things ragarding this that can be added: dogvotes are already taken in count by the system, so theorically you can match dogvotes by user against user per day.

Anyway if a user posts many bad quality nodes in the same day leave us the possibility to downvote them all.

Another thing worth to consider is the ratio XP gained from upvotes received / XP gained voting and relating this with the dogvotes used.

> 2. The use of vote-bots for any reason.

> 3. Voting on nodes you (the human) wrote.

These are quite plain: they are already prohibited and rare dual accounts are granted by gods for particular purposes. I think these accounts are already blocked in the voting system, no?

As side note consider the following:

perl -MLWP::UserAgent -e "print LWP::UserAgent->new->get('http://perlm')->header('x-meta-keywords')" perl, mod_perl, regular expressions, regexp, xp whoring, CGI, programming, learning, tutorials, questions, answers, examples, vroom, tim, node, experience, votes, code

Is true that x-meta-keywords are no longer used by search engine (having them wrong is still wrong btw) but xp whoring surprised me :)

Can you consider updating them? With modern web frameworks, Tk, Raku etc..


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Re^2: RFC: Policy regarding abuses of the voting system
by erzuuli (Cannon) on Jun 10, 2022 at 21:22 UTC

    Yow. That's in the very earliest version of the page — the one uploaded to here from the Everything Development Corp dev machine on 1999-11-03 — before the site even opened to the public.
    I believe it is a vestige (one of many) of vroom's "sense of humor".
    I will remove it. And also the keywords "vroom, tim".

Re^2: RFC: Policy regarding abuses of the voting system
by LanX (Saint) on Jun 10, 2022 at 15:27 UTC
    > xp whoring

    LOL =D

    I'm pretty sure that's unredacted input from the keyword nodelet.

    Tho from another node or a leftover from an older version of this one:

    Keyword Nodelet Top keywords for this node: perl home homepage temple entrance Portal welcome

    Cheers Rolf
    (addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
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