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> Again, it's intrusive;

I wonder why you prefer it that way, there are at least two alternatives

Am I missing something?

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Re^5: Splitting program into modules
by stevieb (Canon) on Nov 14, 2018 at 14:21 UTC

    I definitely don't prefer it this way. This was a project I started many, many years ago actually. It was one of the very first projects I ever thought of when I started writing Perl, and it took many years to put together. It was more a "can I do this" thing :)

    As a matter of fact, another project I went on for the sake of learning how is monkey patching on the fly with my Mock::Sub and Wrap::Sub, so updating Devel::Trace::Subs is something I definitely could do to remove the actual writing to files. I'll create myself an issue so I don't forget to do this someday.