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It could be that . on line 63!

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Re: Re: Perl Script only runs with -w switch
by broquaint (Abbot) on Nov 21, 2002 at 19:03 UTC
    I'm of the opinion that it's the following line
    ## mess with anyone who ports this script die("mwahahaha!") if $^O eq 'linux' and !$^W;


Re: Re: Perl Script only runs with -w switch
by hydo (Monk) on Nov 21, 2002 at 19:23 UTC
    Look again. The problem clearly lies on that one line where it does that stuff... you know... with the underscore and the dollar sign? Yea, right in that general area.

    1. If it only runs with the -w switch, isn't that better?! I think that's how all perl code should be. I'd even go so far as to say Acme::Code::Police should be a required module.
    2. You might want to post the code or at least post a link to it or something. If the script is really really long, you might consider using nopaste.