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Ok, I'l agree with your point about making the computer do the boring repetitive stuff.

But back to my question:

How do you handle getter/setters when the attributes interact? In your shipping example, what would keep me from (assuming I understand the methods correctly) setting  from_state to Massachusetts and is_from_west_coast to TRUE? Shouldn't setting the state cause the west coast flag to flip on or off as appropriate?

A handrolled get/set could enforce all these things; doesn't C:MM fall short here?

I am not C:MM bashing; I use it and am a fan; I just haven't figured out how to handle interrelated attribs yet.

Thanks for your comments


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by danb (Friar) on Jan 15, 2004 at 03:16 UTC

    Your point is a good one. It is necessary to hand-roll methods that do anything non-simple, like keeping is_from_west_coast() in the correct state.

    Because of that, C:MM can only be used for simple methods. In my case, that means C:MM methods are usually private methods, and public methods are hand-rolled.

    I am looking forward to automatic method constructors getting smarter in the future. I could imagine a module that combines something like Params::Validate with C:MM, like so:

    use Class::MethodMaker optional => [ 'zone_file' => [ 'no spaces', 'alpha only', 'uppercase', 'error on parameter failure' ] ];