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But what is the goal of having the poll? I can think of two reasons: 1) you have an interest in the outcome of the poll; that is, you want to result to reflect the opinion or experience of your visitors. Or 2) you do it to attract people to your site, or to enhance their visit with the voting experience.

In case 1) shutting out people is as bad as having people vote more than once. In case 2) shutting out people is worse than having people vote more than once.


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Re: blocking IPs
by b10m (Vicar) on Jan 27, 2004 at 15:36 UTC

    I have to disagree on you on this specific case. As I see it, the OP has a website full of images and he wants to give the visitors the abillity to specify how much (or not) they like the specific pictures. Possibly to create a "best of" list.

    Shutting down people may result in the loss of a view votes (either positive or negative votes), which is bad. Allowing users to vote as much as they like may result in heavilly influenced votes, for someone could vote a hundred times on "5 stars", just to see that picture rank highest. Blocking on IP for a certain ammount of time may stop those abusive users to a certain degree. You must be quite determined to reconnect your connection a lot of times to get a different dynamic IP address, or find a bunch of proxies, which takes time and effort too.

    By forcing users to register solely to vote, you probably lose votes too, for a lot of people won't take the hassle to register -IMHO-, and skip the voting, they otherwise might have done.

    Like I said, it's choosing between evils and our opinions seem to differ on this point. It also depends on the ammount of traffic, as I stated before.