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Perl has a special conditional operator (the ternary ?:) which is custom made for just this type of thing.
my $T = ($hour > 12) ? "PM" : "AM";
update: Whoops, just noticed that the OP is also decreasing $hour for the "PM" case. In that case, the ternary operator becomes a little more ugly.
my $T = ($hour > 12) ? do {$hour-=12; "PM"} : "AM";
Your best bet is probably one of the CPAN modules like dragonchild recommends.

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Re^2: Basic programming question
by tall_man (Parson) on Jan 27, 2005 at 16:44 UTC
    You missed subracting from the hour with this substitution. Update: The update fixes the problem, but I still prefer the simpler options like B for readability.