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I agree wholeheartedly. I first learned Perl and love the core language but found TIMTOWTDI to be a real curse when weighing up CPAN's dizzying array of options. I think this is why Perl lost so much web development mindshare to PHP. Maybe it would have helped if the Perl community had put together something like Bundle::WebDevelopment without all the MVC madness and any dependence on mod_perl which many ISPs won't touch. I wince when having to write PHP, having learned Perl first, but there's often no alternative and I put this largely down to Perl's TIMTOWTDI philosophy.

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Re^4: Unit Testing in Perl
by Akhasha (Scribe) on Jun 27, 2005 at 06:03 UTC
    I think you might be correct in saying that PHP won so much mindshare in the web dev arena because of Perl's somewhat fragmented consensus on web app frameworks. I wonder what it is about mod_perl that is so different from mod_php from the ISP admin's viewpoint. Is it that you can get deeper into apache and make it unstable, whereas that is harder in PHP?

    I wince merely at the thought of learning much about PHP let alone writing my own stuff with it, so you're doing better than I am...
      With mod_perl you're opening up the Apache internals and have to be careful you don't leave global variables hanging around for other scripts to access. I've also heard memory management is a lot trickier with mod_perl than mod_php. mod_php doesn't access Apache's internals like mod_perl does.