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True.. either way, I wouldn't think merlyn would be the O++++. Maybe for map, he should.

BTW, obfuscation covers more than just JAPHs.

Oh, it does? Wowzers, I never knew that!! I thought Perl would puke on obfuscated code that didn't contain the words "Just Another Perl Hacker". *smirk*

Either way, more people likely know who Abigail is and likely consider him the current 'leader' for obfuscated Perl.. and if you have something like this I would think a more recognizable name makes more sense. But, that's my opinion :)


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by BooK (Curate) on Jan 04, 2001 at 14:23 UTC

    Well, uh, I intend to make myself a name in obfuscation... *grin*

    Since I stopped writing poetry under constraints (see Oulipo), I found Perl to be a nice replacement... I have difficulties not to think of multilingual programs as pieces of art or poetry...