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From personal experience, I urge you to please follow the advice of our fellow monks and convince your client that should use If you cannot sway them, then turn around, run like hell and don't look back. No, seriously. :-)


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Re: What is and how do I use it?
by johnny0723 (Novice) on Oct 31, 2005 at 13:36 UTC
    Hi Everyone, thanks for the feedback. It really sounds like is what I should be using. However, let me provide some more details of my task, and perhaps it will make more sense. 1. Build an array of files in a directory 2. print the array of files 3. modify the print so it displays links to them 4. Modify this cgi program so it allows parameters to be passed and displayed. This is apparently where I must use I went to the home page of and from the example I saw there, I figured that is a library with a bunch of sub routines that can help me get input. Sorry for such elementary questions. I'm new to programming and perl. Is there a book besides the llama that you guys can recommend for a beginner? Thanks a bunch! John

      Is this homework? It reads like homework. We don't really like helping people with homework. will do all that you need. And probably easier than you would do it with

      As for a book, Beginning Perl is available online and it includes an Introduction to CGI.


      "The first rule of Perl club is you do not talk about Perl club."
      -- Chip Salzenberg

        Hi, No this not for homework. I recently moved up from doing support to becoming a software support analyst. Its a learn on the job type of thing and Perl is what I need to learn for most of what I do. I will look into the book you've recommended. Thanks a bunch. -John