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Please can you paste your output. Just a thought, I presume you have a C compiler installed - you'll need one to build PAR from source. MS Visual Studio and C++ 6 works. If you're having trouble going down this route, try Strawberry Perl - although it's alpha, it really works with CPAN out of the box!

If you are going down the PPM route, please bear it in mind that the version of PAR in ActiveState's repository is pretty ancient - you might want to look around other repositories.

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Re^2: Installing PAR pp
by QM (Parson) on Apr 05, 2007 at 19:22 UTC
    I didn't capture the output, as it was really long. Using ppm install --force PAR did the trick.

    Incidentally, on my older machine, I've had some disk problems, and the PAR/pp wasn't working correctly. I uninstalled all the Perls, and reinstalled the latest AS Perl, then installed PAR there as well, with no problems. (One of the problems that popped up in both places before the fix was MakeMaker [I think] needing a newer version of Win32::Cwd than came with the latest PAR on CPAN.)

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