Update: The index is defunct. It was only hosted on, which now seems to be down for the count. Please disregard the below. My regrets to all.

A permuted index of Snippets titles (case-insensitive).

Snippets Permuted Index

(See also New Snippets Index)

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Re: Snippets Permuted Index
by graff (Chancellor) on Jun 07, 2007 at 18:35 UTC
    So... this would be like a concordance over the titles of Snippet nodes. Looks like you would need to fix the formatting so that the concordance terms are aligned properly, which will make it a lot easier for manual scanning of the list (and quick seeking to the titles of interest). Ideally, the listing would look something like this (with some sort of highlighting on the concordance term):
    (TIMTOWDI) Breaking a # config # file into name/valu +e pairs Associate a # config # file with a Class:: +DBI class for meta information Stripping bad entries from a # constructor # Create a # constructor # named the same + as your package name! Encrypted Storage of sensible Data in a # Cookie # Fetch a # cookie # to disable X10 popu +p ads
    It looks like you're trying to do that, but not quite getting there yet. Why not just set it up as a 3-column table, with the concordance term as the middle column?

    And... how about doing this for Code Catacombs, too? The indexing by category in that wing has fallen woefully behind, so any sort of comprehensive index that supports quick-and-easy visual browsing would be an awesome service to all monks.

      That is what I'm doing. I'm using <pre> to force fixed-width font, and each line has an amount of leading whitespace calculated to make the "concordance terms" align. It looks right for me. Maybe you have browser/font config issues?

      Why not just set it up as a 3-column table, with the concordance term as the middle column?

      That's what I had originally. Actually, I only had two table columns, since I did not have the concept of a "concordance term"; I simply sorted the by right-hand side of the cut. Maybe I'll go back to that. But I feel there's a certain elegance in the "just shift each line to achieve desired alignment" approach.

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