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It's not a little thing...

Oh, in terms of impact and importance I believe Alter ought to revolutionize Perl OOP and make it what it was meant to be but never quite was. How's that for a humble opinion?

But it can only do that as a core module (nobody likes an XS module among the prereqs), and the timing for that is unfortunate with 5.10 on the doorstep and Alter fresh from the drawing board. It'll get lots of time to mature on CPAN or in 5.11, supposing I get it in there. By the time of 5.12 we're all going to use Perl 6 and the point will be moot. :)

I'm glad you stuck to the original name.

Not everyone is, I got at least one downvote for my writeup :) Hell, I'm not entirely sure I am happy with the decision. I didn't exactly flip a coin, but it was close.

Thanks for your support. It's good to know I'm the only one in favor of the Alter technique.