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Hi there, My suggestion will be Learning perl by Randal Schwartz and Tom phoenix, it a great book to start with , try even to look around on the net there's plenty tutorials out there.
besides this amazing monastery. cheers.

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Re^2: Creating a random generator
by Lady_Aleena (Priest) on Sep 07, 2007 at 19:22 UTC

    I found another site that could be added...

      First of all you may have rendered that url with [] or [|site], which render respectively like and site respectively.

      Then, having given a peek at that page and reading the very introduction:

      "This tutorial will be covering the PERL syntax and should provide you with a very solid foundation of PERL for you to build upon. It is recommended that before you start walking through our tutorial that you have a general understanding of Web Development as well as some background knowledge of HTML and CSS as our tutorial is directed toward Web programming."

      I can tell you in advance that it is definitely a site to be avoided like plague.

        May I ask why that site should be avoided? It is actually one of the cleaner sites out there. The sample code is at least legible without me having to <ctrl><mousewheel-up> to read it. It looks like it has a W3Schools feel to it.

        Is it the fact that the tutorial is geared for web development? Web development and scripting go hand-in-hand. That is the reason I came here; I want to have a better and smaller web site through scripts. Javascript is too confusing, but Perl looks like it at least has some hard and fast rules to use it.

        A select box, a hash of arrays, and a loop might save me the headache of maintaining 9 seperate web pages. (Though I am not sure about how Google will list it; will I get the listings for each option <hoping>, or just the one, or none because it would be a Perl script.)

        Oh, and sorry for not linking it. I am still getting used to posting here. This forum is unlike the ones I am used to where I have to actually use html code to make by posts look good, though, I can handle it.