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1. Do either of these satisfy the dependency I'm missing?

No. FindBind has been a core module (part of perl) since 5.00307. StrawberryPerl includes FindBin ( perldoc -l FindBin).

2. How can I find out specifically which module needs FindBin? The cpan output was only what I pasted above -- nothing more informative.

I suggest you find the debug/verbose setting and turn it on, or install each module individually

cpan Win32 cpan Win32::ChangeNotify cpan Win32::Clipboard cpan Win32::Console cpan Win32::Event cpan Win32::EventLog cpan Win32::File cpan Win32::FileSecurity cpan Win32::IPC cpan Win32::Internet cpan Win32::Job cpan Win32::Mutex cpan Win32::NetAdmin cpan Win32::NetResource cpan Win32::ODBC cpan Win32::OLE cpan Win32::PerfLib cpan Win32::Pipe cpan Win32::Process cpan Win32::Registry cpan Win32::Semaphore cpan Win32::Service cpan Win32::Shortcut cpan Win32::Sound cpan Win32::TieRegistry cpan Win32::WinError cpan Win32API::File cpan Win32API::Net cpan Win32API::Registry

3. Will I regret switching? :)

Testicles :)

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Re^2: Prerequisite module [FindBin] not known?
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