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hesco,- thanks for your input. Woops, my previous comment to you fell through:) I am going to write another one.

Thanks for the module your suggested. I looked up your module Config::Simple::CGI::FormBuilder and it looks pretty interesting to me. I may end up using it, actually.

As for using CMS vs perl modules see my other comment today. It's basically a question of flexibility, ease of set up of a CMS, and maintenance (hard for somebody else's code, easier for my own). Since I've only used Drupal and WP I can make comparisons to those. But I really don't know how Joomla or other lighter CMS may compare to perl.

As for Config::Simple::CGI::FormBuilder there must be a reason why you subclassed CGI::FormBuilder. What are the features of your new module that aren't there in CGI::FormBuilder?