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by BooK (Curate)
on Jul 10, 2000 at 02:33 UTC ( [id://21732]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Me nodes by reputation. Me XP changes. (photo by Elaine 'aevil' Ashton)

I am a core member of and, where some of us try to obfuscate even the simpliest things. We also decided that it was too difficult for us to distinguish between the two blue camels; so we named them Fido & Amelia.

I translated chapters 3 to 9 of Amelia in French for O'Reilly France. (tortue translated chapters 10 to 14.) I'm also writing Perl articles (in French) for GNU/Linux Magazine France. Recently, I worked on the French translation of Perl Best Practices

We created the non-profit organization Les Mongueurs de Perl to do something about the popularity of Perl in France, and in French speaking countries. Check Mongueurs to see all the french-speaking monks I know of.

I am the author of Log::Procmail, WWW::Gazetteer::HeavensAbove, HTTP::Proxy, Acme::MetaSyntactic, Net::Proxy and part of the small team that used to work on Games::Golf (but that last project sort of failed). I am also a big fan of libwww-perl, but that's probably because I looked too much at the code...

My recent pet projet is Pod::POM::View::HTML::Filter, which let's one apply stacks of filters to the content of a =begin/=end block. The monthly articles written by Les Mongueurs de Perl are rendered with it.

Runner-up at the 4th Obfuscated Perl Contest (category "Make believe you are another language"), I planned to make even better for the 5th. And in some ways, I did, being the most cited individual in the awards and ending 3rd ex-æquo with myself -- 4 times!

To make a short story shorter: Perl Golf rules!

A few nodes here were savagely obfuscated by me:

Some time ago I longed for Separated JAPH/Obfuscation sections. Well, I know JAPH have their use, but it's time someone sets them apart from pure, artistic obfuscation.

I attended every YAPC::Europe, every French Perl Workshop and every OSCON Europe to date.

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