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by ELISHEVA (Prior)
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Thought of the day

Every system that fails has a reason for failure and a path to success. One will never find the second unless one respects the first.

Maxwell's parody of Robert Burns

Gin a body meet a body Flyin' thro the air, Gin a body hit a body, Will it fly? And where? Ilka impact has its measure Ne'er a' ane hae I Yet a' the lads they measure me, Or, at least, they try. Gin a body meet a body Altogether free, How they travel afterwards We do not always see. Ilka problem has its method By analytics high; For me, I ken na ane o' them, But what the waur am I? -- James Maxwell

Awesome, interesting and/or useful threads

Here are some threads I've really enjoyed..

Perl Monks How-tos

Outside reading

And some off-site links that have given me food for thought...

Things that matter to me...various insights from life and work

  • A good question opens more doors than a good answer.
  • What I like most about working with others is what they teach me not to assume.
  • Reflections on beginnings
  • Don't forget how hard it was to learn what you now take for granted. adapted from BrowserUk
  • An amazing story and video Susan Boyle - plain looking unknown 47 year old singer who is going viral on YouTube and elsewhere after her Brit's Got Talent audition. And some thought-provoking commentary in Huffington Post by Letty Cottin Pogrebin (founder of Ms Magazine) and Steve Young
  • print "hello, world..."; is syntactically correct, but doesn't do what I want. Namely be a CD inventory database.
    attributed to jcwren in the CB on 8-July-2002, on the user page of John M. Dlugosz
  • Life begins where the wild things are.

The Wisdom of Perl Monks

  • in a regex $ (without m modifier) matches end-of-string but also before a newline, but only if it comes just before the end of the string. This is intended as a convenience so that you don't have to chomp lines just to apply regexes - see Re: When exactly do Perl regex's require a full match on a string?. Thanks, jethro!.

    Note: it does not actually match the newline, just the position before it.

  • the syntax while($somevar = <...>) and while($somevar = readline(...)) is special. It automatically gets wrapped with defined(...), e.g. while(defined($somevar = readline(...))). - see Re^2: "defined" in while loop Edit | Delete | Quote | Reply | Private Reply. Thanks, ikegami!.

    But note: This applies only to that particular incantation - if you wrap the call to readline(...) in a subroutine and use that instead, e.g. while($line=wrapped_readline(...)) the special behavior goes away.

  • to count the number of hash keys in constant time: scalar keys %somearray. Thanks, BrowserUk.
  • to reset each in constant time: scalar keys %somearray. Thanks, grandfather.

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