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by EvanK (Chaplain)
on Nov 22, 2000 at 12:01 UTC ( [id://42880]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Just hit my forties, still somewhat fluent in Perl and more practiced in many other languages (of which PHP and JavaS‎crip‎t are a couple)...

Keep in mind that if I ever happen to piss you off, it was probably unintentional, and I apologize ahead of time. If it wasn't unintentional, then you have my permission to slap me.


Nodes Of Note:

Chatterbox Ramblings of Note:

bart suspects a failed ambition is at the basis of the crisis (comparable to a midlife risis, though I think technically he's a bit too young for it.)
[archfool]: If the average human lives to be 90 years old, then: 0-29 = youth; 30-59 = middle age; 60-90 = old.
[telcontar]: I'm much too near "middle age" then
[telcontar]: though I think a the average is quite below 90
[Old_Gray_Bear]: I AM NOT OLD.
[Old_Gray_Bear]: I am mere 'well preserved'

[Aim9b]: Are the Tutorials downloadable, or must they be read online?
[jZed]: if you can view it in a browser, it is by definition, downloadable
[jZed]: if you're asking about etiquette, I know of no unwritten rule against downloading tutorials
[Aim9b]: I probably could save it from my browser, but there is just SO MUCH I need lol that I'd like to just get several at once.
[jZed]: download the tutorial on screen scraping first then :-)

[thezip]: I'm very disappointed in my code... I was hoping it would finish writing itself this weekend
[tye]: don't you watch movies? if you want your code to become sentient you have to poor some strange liquid into the computer during a lightening strike

[blue_cowdawg]: I remember in the older days of *nix you could type "make love" at the command line and it would report back "don't know how to make love"
[blue_cowdawg]: Nowadays it reports "make: *** No rule to make target `love'. Stop." which is almost as funny but not quite.
[jdtoronto]: Pick (the db system) was good for that too, you could say "f*** you" at the cmd line andget back "f*** you too!" :)
davorg once got a UK Linux magazine to publish a photo with the caption "fingering someone safely"

[ambrus]: but luckily in programming you only have to write any ugly expression only once and then you can reuse it as a subroutine.
[jdporter]: In Soviet Perl, ugly expression writes you!
[Aristotle]: jdporter: In Soviet Russia, cliché tires of you!

[marto]: without marto function booze not

[virtualsue]: gotta admire a person who will inconvenience himself for the sake of a principle, no matter how incredibly trivial the matter

EvanK hopes the "heavy" conversations are over...his head hurts enough already
[NodeReaper]: I can cure that for you, EvanK...
EvanK quietly backs out of the room...

[Moriarty]: I'm not sure I want the drugs option either. All I need is the excess fluid drained out of it and some sort of maintenance program to keep me going for a few more years.
[perlmonkey2]: I sure hope you are talking about your knee.
perlmonkey2 checks CB60 and is relieved.

[Fletch]: you'd be suprised. I've known mid 40s contractors that brag about their 30+ years of industry experience that couldn't code their way out of a wet paper sack with a chainsaw
EvanK wonders how one codes with a chainsaw...
[Fletch]: very carefully, of course.
[johngg]: All cut and no paste, EvanK :)

talexb still recalls hearing about a speech recognition demo that ended quickly when someone shouted FORMAT C: and someone else added Yes, Enter! We're such geeks.

EvanK taunts the NodeReaper with a ripe delicious node...
shmem gets the first aid kit
[EvanK]: dont worry, i have 22 years of taunting experience
[jZed]: and a PhT no doubt
[atcroft]: .oO(but do you want to make it to 23yrs of taunting experience... that's the question... :)

[tye]: Rationalizations are more important than sex. Ever tried to go a week without a rationalization?

ChemBoy stares at his e-mail from tech support
[ChemBoy]: I don't think I've ever gotten somebody actually telling me something was a feature rather than a bug before
[tye]: ah! that's a service that you usually don't get unless you pay a lot more than you paid!

[aaroninbeta]: Looks really helpful. I'll have to wait to read it all because I'm actually taking a final right now.
[thezip]: What that a test question I just answered?
[aaroninbeta]: No, no, I'm keeping it ethical. I'm actually a genetics student, this is for a bioinformatics class, so the perl is really just a means to answer long
[aaroninbeta]: scarer questions.

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