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The stupid question is the question not asked


by Happy-the-monk (Canon)
on Feb 17, 2002 at 23:26 UTC ( [id://146055]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

"A monk and his T-Rex" (note blue socks)

I must have posted something stupid, for now the thread is dead.

how "Computer Geeks" replaced "Computer Girls"

    Useful stuff:
  • Perl Tutorial Hub ... any modern and perl community approved perl tutorial should be there.

Crufty stuff:

PerlSufi: Web App Hackers Handbook has been invaluable..
tye: in Perl, any scalar is valuable but only strings are keyable

perl monk vita:

A voice (bass/basso) in the monastery choir and also a member of the order of dancing monks (dancing the traditional HOP and the jazzy monastery chomp).
Knows his way through the library where he spends time nearly every day, sometimes translating perldoc into German. You will also see him doing regular chores in the bestiary, usually tending - besides camels - both the parrots and the ponies.
Oh yes, and the dinosaurs, too, as seen above.

Committed to prepare and organise smaller and bigger congregations of perl monks and perl mongers, he also started collecting German-speaking perl mongers groups.

Once, a long time ago, he was going to devote some of his studies into translating monastery documentation into other languages, so he apllied to join the SiteDocClan. Alas, when finally accepted, that extra time had gone. He keeps remembering that task for some time in the future though.

(and the rest of the) vita:

born in 1970 I first met perl in 1998 and I hated it enough to decide it would be the tool for me to conquer the world with: I started using it ever more by the day up until now.
By 1999 I was the local-perl-guru everywhere I walked, so I realised I badly needed to walk to other places and find ways to actually learn something new.

The next workshop is the
17th German Perl Workshop in Dresden, registration (Act!) is open...

The German Perl Workshop greatly helped to widen my horizon. But as years went by that didn't seem to be enough: so I organized the Frankfurt Perl Mongers. At the 4th German Perl Workshop there was a perlmon[k|ger]s BOF where we discussed how to build up Perl Monger infrastructure and neighbourhood-help in the German speaking world. This lead to the foundation of the German Perl Mongers Group.

Before I met perl I was not to well on the educational track that might have made me a minister. That makes being a monk in this place seem quite fair to me.
The German city I come from (Münster) used to be called "Monasterium" in the middle ages. If you talk to me as a "Monasterian", you are actually addressing my heritage. I feel flattered, wouldn't you?

Yes, I've got a life. That's sometimes useful, but I wished it was no more troublesome than software design.

Real men let go on five.

Monks I've met... well some I don't know the Perlmonks' nickname of. But those I know:
at and Rö Corion (lives in our street) and strat (used to live in our house). Almost 20 years later, I met danaj there, who was just passing through :)
at 23r0, demerphq, format_c, mdupont, reneeb, sir_lichtkind, zby and LanX.
at the German Perl Workshops 2000, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21, '22, *23 + 2024. Abigail-II, acme, audreyt, bjelli, Boldra, busunsl, Crian, davorg, domm, eserte, esskar, Jouke, Juerd, Laurent_R, leira, moritz, PetaMem, richardf, schwern, snadra, Taulmarill and TheDamian
at the Scandinavian Perl Workshop 2003 I must have met some monks... but I don't know their PM handles.
at YAPC::Europe 2002 + 2012 I met Beatnik, markov, TimToady, tinita, theorbtwo, castaway and others.
at the Frankfurt and neniro and probably others who will soon turn up as monks here.
at O'Reilly EuroOSCON 2006BooK.
I honestly don't remember where I met Sec, only that I did.
Find out about the meaning of the name Happy-the-monk in the Name Space thread.

Cheers everyone.

(please note that, although I am happy, and happy to be Happy-the-monk, that still doesn't make me happy who is some other monk.) be continued :-)

My career as a Perl Monk:
20 Canon Kanoniker, Stiftsherr, Chorherr... 3 March 2018
19 Abbot (once again... maybe it was abbot time) Abt (schon wieder) 13 May 2015
18 Monsignor 13 Sep 2013
Baby break Babypause 2008-2011
17 Prior Prior 27 Nov 2007
16 Parson Pfarrer 2 Dec 2006
15 Vicar Vikar Jan 2006
14 Priest Priester 31 Oct 2005
before the night the Voting/Experience system changed:
10 Saint [324th] Heiliger All Souls Saints Night 2004
9 Pontiff Pontifex 24 Sep 2004
8 Bishop Bischof 07 July 2004
7 Abbot Abt 28 May 2004
6 Friar Ordensbruder 29 Mar 2004
5 Monk Mönch 15 Mar 2004
4 Scribe Schriftgelehrter (oder "Stift"?) 12 Mar 2004
3 Acolyte Messdiener 05 Mar 2004
2 Novice Novize 17 Nov 2003
1 Initiate Postulant (Kandidat) 18 Feb 2002

You there still reading?
Funny enough this node of mine got the highest reputation.

And it is Written on a Random Node...

Version: 0.01
BD C (++)@$D++$S+++$X+WP+++MO+++(++)PP
n?CO++>+++$PO-o $G $A
OLJ--Ee-Ev++uL++$uB $uS $uH $uo $w-$m!

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Venerable Sword of Desirable Debate. What's yours?

    nagging todo
  • add information about grandmother
  • add information about how to spice up tomato soup recipes
    • davies says ... tomato soup can be spiced up by oregano and/or gin. Truly.
  • add my favourite links
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And just in case of any "All your Perls are belongs to us!" I am doing the tobyink on licensing, as you might have expected ;-)
All code samples I post to Perlmonks should be considered licensed under the Artistic Licence, or GNU GPL v1, v2 or v3 (your choice), unless otherwise stated. Some code samples posted will be strongly derived from other users' code samples, and should be considered derivative works, in which case the licence of the original code sample applies. If you wish to obtain a licence for any of my code published on this site under other licensing conditions, please contact me. If you want clarification of this policy with regard to any specific code snippet, please contact me.

,נאָר אן אנדער פּערל העקער

shamelessly pira[tica]ted from

Iustus alius egestas vitae eros Piratica, by Athanasius
["egestas vitae eros piratica" literally: no-life-no-love-pirate]

Winter is Coming

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