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by HyperZonk (Friar)
on Jul 11, 2001 at 19:19 UTC ( [id://95717]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Err ...

Started programming when I was 12 (1980) in BASIC and Z-80 assembly.

Started programming perl ... oh, I forget, a while ago.

I have since written some extremely sloppy code for many different uses.

Like a online quote generator (lo-end relational database) and some search engines.

I'm easily bored, so I have a lot of hobbies: perl, bass guitar, sound recording, graphic design, graffiti (yes, that's me; no, I don't do it, I take pictures of it), and other ways of wasting time.

HyperZonk for more personal stuff, if you're really that bored ...

My Favorite Nodes

Principle versus Personalities addresses important issues for the our community's well-being. IMO, of course.
Moron Users is an important thing for every programmer to try to keep in mind, even when we're frustrated (so hard).

My Favorite Monks

Darn, that's a hard one. Pretty much everyone I've come across has been friendly and helpful. Advice: hang around, see who is helping others with questions and who is fun and helpful in the Chatterbox. But here are some of the people I've gotten to know (in no particular order):
  • toma Ever helpful, ever friendly
  • scottstef Great person, also helpful
  • LD2 Very smart, very friendly
  • tye A true wizard, yet always helpful with newbies
  • JSchmitz This guy can even monger code when he's drunk and has a great sense of humor even when he's sober
  • MeowChow Great sense of humor, awesome Perler
  • tilly This guy can do anything in Perl, and is also helpful (even if he does get grumpy at times ;)
  • CheeseLord Another great sense of humor combined with skill
  • japhy Ditto
  • epoptai Another master of Perl, always helpful, wrote framechat which is worthy of mention by itself
  • lemming Helpful and a great personality, too
  • footpad Helpful and an advocate for Perl beginners ;)
  • ChemBoy Yet another master with a sense of humor
  • Zaxo How did I forget Zaxo? ...
  • petral Really brilliant, but always helpful and nice
I could go on and on (as a matter of fact this list keeps growing when I remember or meet new people), but these are the people who I've had particularly good experiences with.

One last important mention: merlyn has taught me and many other people more about Perl than we ever thought we'd know. I don't know him all that well, but if he says something about Perl, you should probably listen.

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don't blame me for this idea, it's CheeseLord's fault! Err, no, virtualsue's fault! No, no, wait ... ummmm ...

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