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by Mission (Hermit)
on Mar 31, 2001 at 18:08 UTC ( [id://68660]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Mission's Brewery Update

The brewery is currently being renovated... it will soon be operational for the summer season.


Mission's Next Assignment

  • Examination of Content Management Systems
  • Calendaring Systems
  • Announcement Management Systems

Mission's Log

I am the University Web Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. My core function is to manage / maintain the Web Development Office. Currently the office has nine undergraduate students who work part time for me. We supervise the unviersity web pages and 'forage' into the web unknown. I also teach faculty, staff, and students HTML, DHTML (CSS & JavaS‎crip‎t), XML, VRML, Photoshop, Flash, digital cameras, scanners, and a variety of 'office' related software. I am also an instructor at the local Technical College where I occasionally teach a variety of entry level computer stuff.

Some of my students are monks here as well (BTW: I don't assign Perl homework, so if they post a question / comment, it's legitimate!)

Mission's Quote Collection

From the Chatter Box
<Mission> I have a question of curiosity. What does the XP nodett say for the Saints? Does it say "You have a bazillion more points until you overtake Vroom"?
ybiC notes that he "has 999122 points until level vroom".
<petdance> Netware Netware bo-Betware / Banana fanna fo fetware / Me my me metware... / Netware
Beatnik dresses up as a cherry pie...
<djw> brave lad =)
Mission wonders if NodeReaper will toss Beatnik in the oven.
djw puts $5 on that
Beatnik accepts the bet...
NodeReaper has swallowed Beatnik Beatnik was tasty!
<djw> WOO

- Mission

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