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by Shendal (Hermit)
on May 18, 2000 at 20:08 UTC ( [id://13044]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Please note: This home node is button free and built to stay that way. If you're looking for buttons or menus that write somewhat clever (not to mention increasing trite) things in the chatterbox, check someone else's home node.

Lotus Notes sucks. Oh, let me count the ways...

Bored? Try this node.

I'm a ClearCase and Sun Solaris administrator. ClearCase is a software configuration management (SCM) tool made by Rational Corp. ClearCase makes extensive use of Perl, and, as such, I have been using Perl for years to implement everything from policy and security to ease-of-use s‎crip‎ts for development.

I used to work at Enron -- You've probably heard about all the problems it's having. I am now part of UBS Warburg Energy. Essentially, doing the same thing, for the same people, just accross the street. Of course, I'm always entertaining offers. :-)

Here's the two chatterbox clients I wrote. The more up-to-date one is based on perl/Tk, and is much more feature-rich. It's not really tested on UNIX, but I've got some people that have graciously agreed to work on it. Any changes you have, let me know, and I'll incorporate them into this effort.

The latter makes use of Win32::GUI. Both require by zzamboni.

I have also wrote another example client for zzamboni's It shows how to create a GUI for a threaded newest nodes view, and launches a browser to any node you double click on. Requires version 2.
The picture I have above comes from an online comic, Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida. It's great -- bookmark it.

-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.1 GCM/CS/H/P d-- H+>++ s++:- g+ a- v++ C++ US+++$ P+++>++++$ L+ W+++$ PS+ PE++ t+@ j+@ R+@ G' u** Y+ tv- X- b+>++ e+ h-- r++ y++ DI+ -----END GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
My geek code demystified.
Wonder what this geek code stuff is all about?

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