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Think about Loose Coupling


by SuperCruncher (Pilgrim)
on Apr 26, 2000 at 00:13 UTC ( [id://9098]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Good news all McDonalds lovers: from the above brochure from McDonalds in Thailand, it seems that McDonalds is now really healthy food! ::grin::

Stumbled across my home node? Then let me know what you think of this. I'm sick of PHP Web Forums-type software. Not because they're written in PHP, but because they have hundreds of buttons and silly little emoticons, no nested displaying of threads, only support for old-style moderation etc. I want to make the ultimate web forum software (in Perl). Here are a main list of features / design goals:

  • Usability and effective displaying of information are the top priorities (no silly icons).
  • Community based moderation system--a combination of the Perlmonks and Slashdot system. The moderation system would reward users giving their posts good subjects and assigning categories (see below).
  • Arbitrary "categories" can be set up by the administrator (e.g. a post might be specific to a geographic location) with a set of values (which can be either 'any', a specific domain etc.). The value of this is that a poster can quickly describe their post and these categories can be used by other users to "filter" posts.
  • Nested displaying of threads.
  • Optional read-only XML-RPC and NNTP interfaces.
  • Easy to install, relying on a minimal number of external modules (or will package modules in a lib dir).
If you're interested by this, let me know (/msg me)--I'm looking for people to work with me on this project. I'm planning on releasing the code under an open source license but I'm not sure which one.

What is up with web DUHsigners implementing their own ridiculous scrolling controls? Non-standard GUI controls are a very bad idea, and Jakob Nielsen thinks so too. Non-standard scroll bars rarely offer all the functionality of a normal scroll bar, and perhaps most importantly, cannot be used with a wheel mouse! This is so annoying! Also annoying are sites that require you to manually select a language, for example easyJet. Have these designs never heard of the HTTP Accept-Language header?!

Like food?       Like Restaurants?

Sign up as a ChefMoz editor and help build the world's largest (and best) restaurant guide. If you're a dmoz editor, you can use the same login!

"Perl's style is unorthodox, but effective"
(paraphrased from Enter the Dragon :-) )

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