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Think about Loose Coupling


by arturo (Vicar)
on Jul 20, 2000 at 03:18 UTC ( [id://23317]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

An Immodest Demand

If you fail to URL-encode unsafe characters, the IETF should come to your house and kneecap you. Ditto for the W3C and having invalid XHTML or XML with a DOCTYPE line in it (you breaka da web, I breaka you knees; no DOCTYPE line? then we remove your liver!) Goons will be funded using the new RAND patent system. Violations can be discovered through judicious use of TIA or whatever successor program ends up with funding by having it attached to a bill supporting the proposition that the USA is a really, really great place.

The Rants Are Back!

And this time, I'm abusing a language and its documentation!


  • favourite module :
  • CPAN modules authored : none.
  • current Perl employment : virtually none

and yet, here I am.

Perl Haggis

  1. Take perlguts
  2. tie it up in a neat package

Serves no one.
A chunk of the PM Braintrust at Work
arturo what say we concentrate on a campaign to get more readership for the Tutorials section of the site?
PsychoSpunk visits Tutorials to see what all the fuss is about. :)
tye we've been hacked! How did naked pictures of Natalie Portman get in Tutorials??
arturo I have several Tutorials things in mind Tutorials. Skywriting. TV Tutorials ads. Any Tutorials other ones? (Tutorials ?)
tye (not on the main page, in some the tutorials themselves, I wish I could remember which ones)
PsychoSpunk Wow, these Tutorials are so crunchy and chockful of flava!
arturo before I read the obfuscation Tutorial, my relationships all ended because my lovers saw right through my code. Now they stick around to probe the deep mystery I have become. Thanks Tutorials!
An interlude follows, during which permission to quasi-immortalize is sought
PsychoSpunk arturo I have no problem with you posting anything that gets people to realize the wonder held within the Tutorials section.
tye So, aturo (sic.), your homenode shows how to get Free Beer! That is so neat

Tremble, Madison avenue.

I'm a part-time Perl programmer. I work for a university in North Carolina, writing little s‎crip‎ts that do neat little things and now I work a lot with XML and Cocoon (eek! Java!), but I still throw some Perl in every chance I get. One of these days, I may grow a second eye, but for now I get along fine without depth perception.

I like s‎crip‎ting languages. I find them much easier to develop in than, say, Java. Which reminds me, I like to rant.

Rant of the day

  • (10/01/69 - 05/12/70) "Waaaah!" (Trans: "@$&%!*, I'm hungry!")
  • (01/20/2001): "You wuss! what @$#&* operating system needs to reboot when you change the IP address of the machine?"
  • (01/24/2001): "Dang! Where do they find all these @$&% lusers?"
  • (01/26/2001): "Urk! I am not a &*$@#!ö bot!
  • (02/5/2001): "Gah! I hate index pages with &*$@#! Flash on them!"
        Thanks to lemming for today's rant
  • (02/06/2001): "Frink! : these &%$#@!\~ spoiled brats today! Back in my day, we had to use ACTUAL BUCKETS for associative arrays!"
  • (02/08/2001): "Vonk! : that &$#&^%!@ Al Waxman still rules, even from beyond the grave!"
  • (03/13/2001): "Blerf! : Larry Ellison calls this verkakte *&%@#$! 'documentation' ?"
    thanks to Guildenstern for reminding me to post this rant
  • (04/03/2001): "Trongk! It's bad enough you're polluting the atmosphere with that SUV that's never been off the city streets, but do you have to assault my ears with that &#$!*% 'Believe' song at top volume, too?"
    one (1) kudo to boo_radley for exhorting me to add this one.
  • (04/18/2001): "Glurk! you want I should write a GUI interface for every *&@$^!@ *nix utility ever written?"
    (this rant is best followed up by a sotto voce "Meshugge!")
  • (05/11/2001): "GENUINE EXPLETIVE! : That &(*$#%^ DMCA really, really sucks if people like this are inclined to use it for reasons like this!!!" (judging the law by the company(ies) it keeps)
  • (06/25/2001): "ARGH!!!!! Thanks, Microsoft, for reminding me why I hate your (*&$%!* products so much"
    Brought to you by the stupidity that is the Windows 9x registry
  • (28/04/2003) : "Blern! PHP has been making huge leaps from not having prepared statements and placeholders at all to having them, poorly documenting them, and not really implementing them. And this from a post 1.0 release!

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