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by barbie (Deacon)
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My programming years started in 1980 when I got my first home computer, a Sinclair ZX80, later graduating to the Sinclair ZX81 (for which my Dad built a 16K RAM pack unknowingly donated by ICL) and then to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I started programming professionally with C & Unix back in 1987, with lots of shells s‎crip‎t, sed and awk thrown in for good measure. Working on projects ranging from Expert Systems (which automate the technical design and floor plans of the System X telephone exchange), through fruit machine & quiz machine games (using embedded C) to patient management systems for General Practice Surgeries.

Having dabbled with Perl in early 1999, I was employed by for my first official post as a Perl programmer. Developed several websites (including while I was there and got a real taste for what Perl could do. Then worked for Questions Intranet Information Systems, where I designed and developed the LEA intranet system, for use by Local Education Authorities, Schools, parents, etc.

Following my adventures at TPC4 in Monterey in 2000, I came back with alot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately no Perl user group existed nearby, so I set forth to create We have blossomed and have over 80 people on the mailing list and now hold both monthly technical and social meetings, with around 10-20 attendees at each. So if you're planning to visit Birmingham, let us know and if it doesn't fall on one of our regular meetings, we'll be happy to arrange an "emergency meeting" to entertain you. If anyone would ike to present a talk at one of our technical meetings, please feel free to contact me, and we'll arrange a suitable date.

Birmingham Perl Mongers:
Memoirs Of A Roadie:


  • Labyrinth - an extensible website application in a box with numerous plugins
  • Data-Phrasebook - co-written with Iain 'Spoon' Truskett
  • Maisha - microblogging from the command line
  • Server Admin, DBA and general Caretaker for the CPAN Testers
  • Website admin for CPAN Testers Blog / Reports / Wiki / Statistics
  • Member of the YAPC::Europe Venue Committee

Geek Stuff:

Version: 0.01
C++D++S++X++WP+MO+PP n-CO PO--o G
A-OLC+Ee---Ev+uL+w m!

Monk Stuff:

2003-06-24 - Attained the level of Monk. Now you can see the real me :)
2003-09-10 - Now a Friar. Also's 3rd birthday. A double celebration ... or at least more than 1 pint :)
2004-02-05 - An Abbot now. Still got a lot to learn though.
2005-04-27 - Became a Bishop. I'm getting better ;)
2005-10-31 - Demoted to Hermit :( Must try harder.

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