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by brianarn (Chaplain)
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So this is my personal homenode - I've been meaning to write more here, but I haven't had much time to do so, but now I've got a little bit, so here's a blurb about me (which I know you're dying to read).

My name is Brian Arnold, I live in the lovely state of New Mexico, in the largest city, named Albuquerque (of Bugs Bunny fame). I was born here Feb 1, 1979.

I got into computers during elementary school, but just for games and whatnot - in middle school I took a Logo class, and was hooked on programming. That teacher also helped me get my own PC really cheap, and from that little Epson 8086 I cranked out some fun stuff in a variant of BASIC.

During HS I got a real PC (Pentium 100, a whole gig HD!), and also got into the web. I took the time to learn HTML 3.2 and went nuts with an ugly as hell site, joined linkexchange, had a few thousand hits.

After graduation, my freshman year of college brought two interesting things into my life - C++ and Perl. I took a C++ course and fell in love with programming - before, I was going to teach math, now I want to program in the "real world" for awhile, then come back and teach on a collegiate level.

I also acted as mentor for an HS group doing a ThinkQuest project, which was a blast. They chose to do a site on dreams, and part of it needed a CGI. I bought a Sams book (ducks 'n' hides) on Perl 5, and gave it to my friend in the project to read. He learned some perl, showed me the odd $_ stuff going on, and I just wrote it off at the time, cause I was so hyped on C++.

After a few years of college and lots of C++ and other programming classes (Scheme, Lisp, ML, Prolog, Java) I got a real-world job (without my degree sadly), and moved out to Northern Virginia, about 20 minutes west of DC - good stuff.

Worked out there for a year in a Network Operations Center, and eventually moved up to website management for the NOC. I then learned the lovely language Perl at that time, as it was best for the CGI's I was doing. I quickly fell in love. I soon discovered that a few semi-co-workers were here in the forms of MZSanford and wookie.

I then realized that I need my degree, so I quit and moved back to New Mexico. I've now finished my BS in CS, and am now working on master's degree, also in CS. I'm now a web developer by trade, but have to work in ASP unfortunately - full MS shop here. I still use Perl to help me though - perl -pi.bak -e 's/this/that/g' *.asp gets ran quite frequently. :D

Personal Nodelet

Since I capped out on my personal nodelet, I thought I'd just paste it into here. :)
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Modules for console applications
More on Web Application Frameworks
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Graphing in perl
The fine art of database programming
The path to mastery
Playing Muds.
Yoda Speak Translator
Simple Tk question: colour of drop-down menu
3-D Stereogram, Self replicating source.
Thoughts On Object-Oriented Module Design. Input Sought.
Sprite animation with SDL_perl
O'Reilly Perl and XML Book Available
Generating a Web Calendar
(Golf) Mandelbrot Fractal
The Dynamic Duo --or-- Holy Getopt::Long, Pod::UsageMan!
Re: Learning Emacs
(X)Emacs Skeletons and Auto-Insert
Vim configs (slightly OT)
proper untainting and use of ref
using CGI, DBI and HTML::Template (a mini tutorial with example code)
Node Tension
Outputting Text To Flash
3D Point Plotting
What's the best Perl IDE/editor?
japhy's Obfuscation Review
What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
Determine Windows Type or Version
Running Perl program w/root privs via cron
Triangle Numbers
Vampire Numbers
Automated software testing: emulation of interfaces using Test::MockObject
Improving the efficiency of this piece of code
Incrementing a Hash Value
Is for(@$array_ref) construct optimized? YES!
Extending MoveableType to support embedded Perl
Re: MX Lookups
How to make a CPAN Module Distribution
Simple Module Tutorial
Re: Calling a C API in a dll from Perl on Windows
Radiostorm song titles
df equivolent in Perl
File Locking
Auto-scrolling scrollbars with Perl Tk
Pop quiz: find the bug
So you know Perl; but do you know programming?
Parsing with Perl 6
XPAddiction -- a new XP whoring tool
how to rename all files in a dir
Initiative or otherwise?
Puzzle: need a more general algorithm
Get visitor's screen size.
Choosing a data structure for AI applications
new XML module
On being a developer amongst non-developers
How bad it is to learn Perl?
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RMP-file music downloader (,, etc)
AutoSurfer cures boredom
XML Resume Module design
Golfing on a quiet Friday afternoon...
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fishing japh
daemonize a perl s‎crip‎t on redhat linux 7.3
Object Oriented Programming in Perl.
The Perl Diamond
Multi-Threaded Elevator Simulator
Sierpinski Triangle
CGI Colour Palette
m//g in list context
Triggering 'strict' from within a package
How much of Perl can be removed?
performance of huge array looping
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Perl Spots
Optimizing existing Perl code (in practise)
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Do your homework!
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Computing Oracle date format from a date string
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OO and <DATA>
Editor / IDE Consolidation
A SpamAssassin-Enabled POP3 Proxy
Map It!
(AOL bot) Confuse the heck out of everyone you know!
Regular Expression Builder
Non-threading Telnet/Mud client
(OT) Interview questions -- your response?
Trying to solve N-Queens
Manipulating Images (height and width)
pure perl tail revisited
helping along $_
Pentominos Solver
Drawing Graphs
Coding while drunk
TWAIN Issues and Perl
Regex refresher
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Viewing locally-served pages from the outside, while *inside*!
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Conway's Game of Life
"use lib" with low precedence?
Still puzzled by floats
robustly list any Perl code's module dependencies
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Sometimes it's in Void Context
Confess thyself
To think
Never be an expert Programmer
Tribute to Larry
Which Web Solution?
RDBMS 'Pretty' Schema
A few random questions from Learning Perl 3
Manipulating ZIP files in Perl
Use radio noise to make (non-critical) decisions...
Trickster Streaming Server

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