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by dimar (Curate)
on Apr 23, 2004 at 21:16 UTC ( [id://347753]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

from the perlmonk formerly known as 'scooterm'

Herein find ye a user of perl; quite a versatile general-purpose tool, something like a portable Swiss Army Knife for text processing. This analogy has been invoked elsewhere by others.

Herein find ye one who also advocates effective GUI design as an integral element of Human-Computer Interaction (which is just another kind of inter-personal communication). What you have is a perl fan who is also a GUI fan (in some cases, these are viewed as opposite ends of a spectrum).

The uniqueness of this position might best be summed in the following personal opinion:

Conceptual operations with a GUI should be no more difficult than conceptual operations with text. A GUI is really just another form of inter-personal communication. Developing, and extending "GUI applications" must reach the same threshold of simplicity as we currently have with editing, munging, and modifying "plain text".
Herein find ye the brian d foy style guide. Impressive.

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