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"be consistent"


by particle (Vicar)
on Jun 04, 2001 at 23:29 UTC ( [id://85567]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

~above - zion national park, utah, AUG 2001~

~10 JUL 2001~ i became a monk.

i'll be driving cross-country from mid-july through mid- to late august, during which time i'll take a vow of silence on perlmonks. all who wish to contact me, may do so at mikethepod at

~24 JAN 2002~ with a slight push, i became a friar

i'm back from my trip, and looking for clients. my girlfriend is currently finishing her dissertation in madison, wisconsin. i'm trying to convince myself she's only a day's drive from nyc.

~1 MAR 2002~ today i made abbot

i'm starting a job outside philidelphia, pa on wednesday, which i expect to last six months. the client does not use perl: they use only ksh. i wonder what the chances are that i'll be able to influence this? how long will i last without applying perl to my everyday business problems?

~14 APR 2002~ hmm. bishop...

...following my great tradition of updating my home node when i make the next level. ksh is boring, even with associative arrays and case statements. i'm prototyping a web front-end to a small db in perl with my downtime and trying to forget they'll want to convert it to java when i'm done.

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