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by robin (Chaplain)
on Oct 10, 2001 at 16:53 UTC ( [id://117983]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I don't use Perl very much any more, and I'm no longer active on this site. I've left most of my old profile information below, with the broken links corrected where possible. (December 2009)

I'm a member of, sometime perl5 porter, and not very prolific CPAN author. Very occasionally I update my journal at use.perl. I think pugs is cool, and keep up with the latest Perl 6 news by reading planetsix. I expect I'll get involved at some point – I'm looking for a good excuse.

I've been tinkering with PadWalker recently. It's finally at version 1.0, which is much more robust and has some new features too.

I once had the idea of extending the syntax of regular expressions with a recursive construct. I mentioned it in the Monastery here and here. Larry seems to have different ideas for Perl 6, but the construct did make it into PCRE.

I gave a talk on Mutagenic Modules at the 2001 YAPC::Europe conference. I once gave a short talk to about Oulipo and Perl, which includes the prisoner's JAPH, now in the fascinating CPAN JAPH file.

My other CPAN module is Want, which lets you use Perl 6-style context in Perl 5.

My most popular Perl Monks nodes, at the time of writing, are Hacking perl, More Power to your Regex, What is truth? (Curiosity corner) and A most obscure bug.

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