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Heck. I dunno what to do.

Just do it. It is possible - if you want it. I did it just some years ago - one year after i used a computer for the first time in my live ( i'm 56 now). Before i relied on paper and pencil and considered computers as rubbish.

Same thing with Unix. Some day my boss came and said: "Karl, can you do this and that on this machine?". The OS was AIX. I had no plan, the only OS i knew at that time was NT. So i learned some shell commands by the hard way.

Before i started bothering myself with computers i had another career: i was a musician. Playing baroque chamber music, teaching a.s.o.

Very often my pupils asked me similar questions: "I'm this and that... and can i really...?". I always answered: Yes, just do it.

Proof: Just some time ago i met a piano player, about 40 years++ old. When he was ~35, his very wish was to become an expert in comping. So he went to Berklee and just did it.

I hope this helps and best regards, Karl

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