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Dear brother Blyman.

I am more a writer than a talker. And also, I dislike the chatterbox textarea, where you can see just a handful of characters at one time. This is why I answer to you in my home node, where the textarea allows me to check and doublecheck my words. So here is at last my answer.

I am an engineer, but yes, my engineering studies were rather mathematics-oriented, and the last year was a specialization is CS. But that was more than 15 years ago.

Do not be mistaken. I may give a pointer to M-J.D's lambda-calculus page, but that does not mean I know everything about lambda-calculus. That just mean that from time to time I browse his web page, and Iknow more or less the list of his older nodes.

As for Fibonacci, I do not consider they are very-high mathematics. I have first encountered them at the age of sixteen or so.