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Hello monks,

I am working on a project that requires many tabs/pages in a TK notebook widget, but adding too many tabs is an easy way to break the UI. What I am looking for is a way to scroll through the open tabs while minimizing some of them (ie, more tabs in less space). Think google Chrome (or any modern tabbed browser) when you open too many webpage tabs.

Some less than ideal solutions I've considered are putting notebooks within tabs/pages for multiple rows of tabs, deleting tabs (deleting is still used, but the data needs to be retained and available), aggregating data from multiple tabs into one, etc. Each has some major drawbacks for this project.

I can't find anything on the CPAN pod, googling and searching here hasn't yielded me a solution. Am I missing something obvious? This seems like a very common desired feature for Tk::Notebook. Thoughts?



Update, I've found a few modules like Tk::DynaTabFrame that seem about ideal, but my operating environment is less than ideal and I won't be able to install *anything* beyond an old stock version of perl. Sad.