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things like this are really related to the terminal, not the shell; cmd doesn't have the separate concepts.

Indeed. Whilst things like rcmd.exe and PsExec.exe are available to give remote command line shells, Windows takes a different tack to accessing remote resources.

Ie. It tends to run local processes that can access and change the resources on the remote machine. Each model has it pros and cons.

Though the rectangular select (as opposed to the default stream-like select in bash) makes it still mostly useless to me except in a few specific situations. Got any way to get the other kind of select?

Not that am aware of, but I've never found it to be a limitation. 'cept maybe occasionally having to trim a copied command prompt after paste but before hitting enter.

I personally run PuTTY on windows to log into a linux box, so cut and paste between everything works just fine.

You mean you never run *nix as a local OS?

one more thing that frustrates me about the command prompt: Can't resize it by simply dragging the window corner.

Hm As default that is true, but I have it configured ( properties->defaults->layout ) to use a 1000x1000 buffer, which means I can just drag to resize my window.

I don't have the aversion many people seems to have to scroll bars and horizontal scrolling. And most f the time my COmmand shell windows -- along with most every other application I use -- is maximised. I switch between them using Alt-Tab as needed.

But different strokes for different folks. :)

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