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I have come up with the code below so far but I cant get it to work.
use strict use warnings

Clearly this isn't your actual code, as these statements are missing semicolons and would generate a syntax error. Please post actual code in the future, as it avoids a whole mess of problems like this, and often helps you answer your own question!

my $i = 0; while (0); do {} until 0; for (0..0) {};

It looks like you've managed to post something that looks like code you've tried, which is a start, but I doubt you've tried very hard to make this work, as your loops all very clearly do nothing. If you really are very stuck on how to write any sort of a loop, your course notes probably contain examples, plus the plethora of Perl beginner's material out there contains plenty:

This is the question: Write a Perl program that prints out all the even numbers from 0 to 20. Print this list 4 times, using while, until, do-until and for loops (so you need to use all 4 loop structures!

This looks like homework, and there's nothing wrong with that per se, but I would strongly encourage you to read some of the links I've provided and try to work out the basics for yourself, or this exercise will be little more than a colossal waste of your time, and, hey, you're worth it!