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by cider (Acolyte)
on Aug 14, 2001 at 02:20 UTC ( [id://104609]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

 It's completely impossible to move on from the one girl born on the same
 day of the same year at the same time as you, on the vernal equinox, on
 the transition of the age of picses to the age of aquarius, who's hot as
 hell, exactly completely perfect for you in all her shortcomings, who
 you met through total bizare wierd fate who you technically grew up with
 who steals you away from the only positive relationship you had to
 create a child with you, ruin all your friendships, who gets you fired
 from two jobs, who has you falsely arrested, who raises a beautiful baby
 boy with you who we both created out of love and then one day just takes
 him away and says shes moving to new mexico only to stay in the bay area
 and who tells you that she's getting MARRIED to the new guy who you son
 then goes ahead and starts hiding his very name, his very whereabouts, his entire
 existance just as if you had never been born, just as if you had never exist, just as
 if you had never deserved to have ever graced her with your presence - enough
 so that she just pulls the most cruelest meanest thing anyone could have ever done to a
 person in the history of love, romance, courtship, anything. you name it.
 Times are a changin. This is ULTIMATE SUFFERING and for *what*? Just
 sticks and stones? Is my entire existance worth what you're waking up to
 every day? Is what I go to sleep at night feeling worth what you wake up knowing?
 How could I deserve this?
 How could anyone?

i'm a catalyst, so abuse with discretion or you'll be sorry.
a piece of advice: dont fear the reaper.

i usually have something to say to everyone, so get used to it.

i have a much better homenodepage at, also available punch and pie.

See aand

the following propaganda is available at that homenodepage:

# eco							run this to get this new codepack
# run-tests					cheap ass monitoring: run test.* and email if problem
# test.processes			cheap ass monitoring: if some procs running ok/not ok
# test.diskspace			cheap ass monitoring: if disks full ok/not ok
#					cheap ass monitoring: if mem from top ok/not ok
# test.load					cheap ass monitoring: if load ok/not ok
# test.web					cheap ass monitoring: ok/not ok webpage download
# ping_gw					determines default route from route -n, then pings
# pack						tool to pack a directory into archive and then crypt
# noansi						pipe to strip ansi characters (think ls --color)
# mailagent-rulesfile	my old mailagent .rules before i used spamassassin
# decrypt					cheap ass s‎crip‎t to manage pgp decryption
# crypt						cheap ass s‎crip‎t to manage pgp encryption
# check_dynamicdns		if two ns lookups dont match, do something about it
# aim-reader				feed this aim logs, get paragraphs of what you said
# explaining.screen		details on how to use screen for the clueless
# debian.rc					some aliases i used with debian
# autonuts-mutella.tgz	autonuts 3.0 -- automates mutella with perl (NEW)
# autonuts-noexpect.tgz	autonuts 2.9 -- automates gnut with perl only
# autonuts-10m.tgz		autonuts 2.7 -- automates gnut with perl and expect
# room.tgz    a private room, connectable via telnet from localhost
# cider.tgz		everything you see here
# autonuts		autonuts -- commandline gnuntella automaters
# docroot_auto_webalizer multiple-line entry searching idea
# edit			opens editor on s‎crip‎t binary in your path, eg: edit edit
# i			simple interactive command framework
# after			pipe, print all text on line after given regexp
# and			pipe, print all text and append string after line
# before		pipe, print all text on line before given regexp
# between		pipe, print text between regexp1 and regexp2
# exclude		pipe, print any line not matching regexp
# match			pipe, print any line matching regexp
# matchand		pipe, print any line matching regexp w/and
# matchbefore		pipe, print any line matching regexp w/before
# maul			throw every goddamn signal in the book at a process
# ns6			some old ass onetime hack i used with broken mozilla
# onall		run on every of, usage: onall tgz tar xvzf
# opt		run imagemagick convert on and print size diff
# kitty			ghettoly kill process attached to tty
# ciderlib		library of some useful subroutines used elsewhere
# bashrc.ppc		the bashrc i used on the orig. cider ppc debian dist
# bashrc.x86		the bashrc i currently use on my athlon
# booth			meant to suppliment soapbox command for playback
# cl_bootleg		craigslist client, version 0.8
# cl_browse		craigslist client, version 0.9 (this ver browses nice)
# cl_cheaprent		craigslist client, version 0.9 CR (finds cheap rent)
# codeshowcgi		the code for this web page right justified
# cows.tar		my trusty cow alarm clock, looped cow + sleep rand(2)
# confuse_code_red 	use apache's redirect to frustrate worms
# cred_logremove 	removes code red from apache logfiles
# dirlist_cgi		suitable for index display w/longfiles
# e2			everything2 client / search version 1.0
# e2ify			converts [] magic shorthand to e2 softlinks in files.
# embedocam.tar		embedocam version 0.9 (v4l motion captue displaytools)
# embedocam		expanded view of embedocam
# fragpsy		makes obfuscated psychological poetry, feed mail|files
# grabkernel		automation s‎crip‎t to grab/patch/config/build kernel
# grabssh		automation s‎crip‎t to grab/config/build ssh
# green			text pipe, changes color to random greens per char.
# red			text pipe, changes color to random reds per char.
# kget			used to retrieve/rsync files from fixed ssh2 host.
# kopy			used to store/rsync files to fixed ssh2 host.
# kcmd			used to execute command on fixed ssh2 host.
# index.cgi		the viewer for this tarball, get the tarball for src
# lib			directory containing cider's infrequently used modules
# lister.tar		awesome image lister, w/thumbnail generator, +comments
# lister		expanded view of lister
# js		jumpstart code i wrote for excite@home
# lj			quickly fork text browser to read someones livejournal
# ljfragpsy		make odd obfu-poetry on someones livejournal
# makeprizes		small s‎crip‎t to make the prizes.tgz tar bundle.
# muttrc		a good colorized muttrc, hacked, tweaked, mine.
# new			tool to use when creating new files, copies headers
# netinit		various network initialization commands i use
# note			use it to store or display quick oneline notes
# nwsource_bootleg	nwsource client, version 0.7
# pic			s‎crip‎t to record lots of images from usb 3com homeconnect
# pm			a quick and dirty generic hacked frontend to perlmonks
# powerball		performs powerball picked number statistical analysis
# pull			pull out perl regex from str, pipeline!
# pull2			pull out 2 perl regexes from str, seperated by space
# pup			keeps a tcpdump running at your house, rotates logname
# purple		text pipe, changes every letter to random purple shade
# rrfastest		elections fastest host from roundrobin DNS replies
# random		returns random file from given file list
# randomln		returns back a random line from file
# scoring		a cheap scoring mechanism and test
# search		searches google using lynx from cmdline
# sf		sourceforge cvs tool, usg: sf project (login|co -s)
# sol			shit outta luck - my perl aim client;) (kludged hack)
# single_floppy_perl 	mini-howto, ramdisk unix
# squeeze		trims per line leading whitespace
# soapbox		chronologically stored journal entry creation tool
# total			totals sum of ^(\d) for each line
# thescore		sortof scores this s‎crip‎t pack
# trackgrow		can track progress of growing file, estimates speed
# upgrade		can be used to easily hack automating upgrading debian
# urlview		usg: urlview pictureurl, downloads, views cache
# unpack			switch to unpack various unix filetypes
# usefastest		elections fastest RR DNS host, caches lookup in hosts
# words			shows unique words in a file (the vocabulary used)
# waitforend		wait for named process to exit, then itself exits
# ws.1			spawn my first workspace (lay out your geometry)
# ws.2			spawn my second workspace (lay out your geometry)
# weblogdisplay		a really huge ghetto unix command i use for logviewing
# xinitrc		my xinitrc
# yewmail		builds grepmail command search pipeline
# zipswap		s‎crip‎t to aid swaping disks and making new fs's
# zipwatch		watches avail spc. w/zipdisk,armageddons via wall cmd
# zipbackup_old		a ghetto old shell s‎crip‎t used with zipbackup

# a product of....
# d  r e   a    m s   c  a  p e       c   r     e   a  t i o n s .  . .. .
# + 
# | 'I must Create a System, or be enslav'd by another Man's;
# :  I will not Reason and Compare: my business is to Create.'   _
# :                                            -william blake __| |___  ___ 
# :                                                          / _` / __|/ __|
# :                                                         | (_| \__ \ (__ 
# :                                                          \__,_|___/\___|
# . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

i would do almost anything for a lifetime subs‎crip‎tion to the perl journal,
also, i would be more then happy to write technical columns or give speeches
or presentations. looking to be further published, especially as the above
list doubles in size. would strongly be interested in old copies of the TPJ.

my brother just joined the air force, he ships off on the 13th of september.
i am gonna wish my best for you eric, stay safe bro

I just want to invent, I will support what I invent, and I'll
integrate and fix what you've got with it.

I program perl. I am a good sysadmin and engineer, I'm a realist, I
like research projects and lab work, I use enlightenment!

I can write automation s‎crip‎ts and engines, I can write process
interaction and validation and verification tools, I can parse any
configuration file with builtin embedded functional shorthands, i
know layering really good. Heck I'm sharp and smart! Look at all
the cheap hacks that I've written, most of these crazy ideas happened
in less than five minutes.

I want to succeed. I know how to listen. I act on good advice, I
need a chance. I bring change.

I will work for bandwidth;
beer; and urban ninja unix development;


Steven Loren Fountain

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