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Hi, Perl noob here with a distinctly NoobFresh(TM) scented question.... ;-) Comment out "use strict;" in the below and it all works.... uncomment "use strict" and Perl starts giving me abuse about "Global symbol requires explicit package name". Help !
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; %hash = ( ' Key1', ' Value1'); sub doStringTidy { my $string=shift; $string =lc($string); $string=~s/^\s+//; $string=~s/\s+$//; return $string; } sub doHashTidy { my $hash=shift; foreach my $k (keys %{hash}) { $kv=doStringTidy($k); $vv=doStringTidy($hash{$k}); delete $hash->{$k}; $hash{$kv} = $vv; } } doHashTidy(\%hash); foreach my $key ( keys %hash ) { print "key:$key, value:$hash{$key}\n"; }