All the usual Perl 6 caveats apply1.

Solomon Foster is a P6 developer. He has written some tools in P6 that he has been using to do work for his $dayjob since late last year. About a week ago he "had a specific goal I needed to accomplish for my day job". I'll let him tell his Rakudo performance story and/or you can follow the #perl6 log (starting at his first proper description of some problems he was having).

1 Perl 6 is not remotely as usable and useful as Perl 5; it has just a few dozen hundred users; it is 100-1000x 10-100x slower than Perl 5 for a lot of stuff; the P6 documentation is immature and incomplete; the spec test suite has not reached 6.0.0; the Rakudo compiler has not fully implemented what's already in the spec (test suite) {ed: 6.c}; most some of the concurrency implementation has only just begun is immature; P6 can not currently use CPAN modules; Perl 6 has syntax and semantics that are not backwards compatible with Perl 5; Perl 6 culture is -Ofun which some think is incompatible with getting things done; some folk think that Perl 6 code looks like line noise... In summary, there are infinitely many things wrong with P6.