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I have been stuck on this problem for weeks now. I am reading a XLSX workbook and need to read F28 to F32 through K28 to K32 into variables, and I have not been able to figure out how to write a routine to do this.

I have:

$book = ReadData ($inbook); my @x = qw(F G H I J K); for my $sheet_index (1 .. $sheet_count) { my $sheet = $book->[$sheet_index] or next; foreach (@x) { $name = $sheet{"$_28"}; $strain = $sheet{"$_29"}; $initdensity = $sheet{"$_30"}; $finaldensity = $sheet{"$_31"}; $avedensity = $sheet{"$_32"}; print "Found sheet with label: $sheet{label}\n"; print "COL=$_ $name $strain $initdensity $finaldensity $avedens +ity\n"; } }

If hard code the reference as $sheet{"F28"} for instance, it works. Iterating through row numbers, however, does not.

Can anyone provide guidance on how?