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OK, thanks. The object hierarchy may be what it is now, for good or ill. But to the extent I understand your code it is not only a documentation of PPIx::Regexp bugs, but a neat piece of work in its own right.

I can't guarantee timing, since all sorts of things have come up in the last couple days, but:

Which of the bugs can I fix without breaking your code? Lacking any preference from you I'll probably start with the \g10 thing, which I hope to be reasonably straightforward.

Do I need to reserve some method names for your use? Like xplain()? I'm not sure how to document it, but I'm willing at least to avoid a few that you designate.

Can you be a little clearer on the modifier propagation thing? Or at least point me to the relevant part of your postings? I remember worrying about this during the Perl::Critic integration, but it may be that I was so focused on dealing with 'use re "/xms";' that I missed something in the regex itself.

Tom Wyant