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Re^5: Message Inbox: Retain Deleted messages longer (power)

by tye (Sage)
on Feb 12, 2014 at 03:01 UTC ( #1074572=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Message Inbox: Retain Deleted messages longer (more)
in thread Message Inbox: Retain Deleted messages longer

are you at least willing to cede a growing amount of power to others

I've actively worked to do that for years. Even more important to me is working to address aspects of contributing that greatly contribute to volunteer churn here. Appointments to positions of power have been increasingly designed to promote sustainable delegation rather than continuing the parade of churn and replacement (to varying degrees of success).

I keep hoping to get to trying to address much of that directly myself, but I'm still climbing out of 1.5 years of issues that have significantly impacted my effectiveness on volunteer projects (and more time before that which restricted the complexity of projects I could volunteer for).

That extra 30 seconds is all that's required.

There are sure a lot of people who have very low estimates for me about how long it should take me to come up with a sufficient level of eloquence. It indeed would only take 30 seconds of typing. But that isn't the time-consuming (nor tiring) part of the process. Having actually many times added verbiage with a particular goal while only taking a very short time to do it, I find that it very often is beyond not-helpful and can have quite the opposite of the desired effect. So, thanks for the suggestion (sincerely), but I believe that it is neither as easy nor as effective as you believe (in my case).

"I don't have the rest of your answers at my fingertips, but poke me a in a few days if no one has expanded on this to see what I can pull up."

Somehow I don't find it likely that adding "If nobody contributes, don't worry, I'm sure I'll come up with the answers" would actually encourage somebody else to go looking for them. (:

- tye        

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