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Hello all,

I use Perl to write trace and log parsers for my engineering group. They are a Windows crowd and most are not savvy enough to use native Perl.

I use `pp` to package the scripts into executables which they can run on Windows, and I've had great success doing so.

My question is - Why do freshly-packed execs have such a long delay the first time they are run in Windows on a given machine? I even see this on my own machine - I pack with `pp`, then launching the file gives me a black screen hang for 30-60 seconds and the program proceeds as desired. Subsequent launches have no delay at all.

My colleagues see this same behavior as well. It's a nuisance at worst, but I would really like to eliminate this. I can see the behavior on the simplest of programs, at most my typical programs only import Archive::Tar.

Are there further settings I can use in `pp` to eliminate this delay? I have searched and searched but haven't found a report that matches this behavior, though I can't believe I'm the only one.

I'm using Strawberry 5.16, but I have seen the same behavior on every distro and version I have used. Thank you.