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Greetings, Monks.

While I realize this review is quite old now. What follows is quite pertinent today, as it would have been at the time this review was created.

Verisign aka; Network (Po|So)lutions, received quite a bit of push-back on this; both from the Standards (ICAN|IANA) organizations, as well as DNS providers. In the case of DNS providers, many, opted to NUKE the Versisgn tactic, and return the PROPER response for the RR (Resource Record) -- Doesn't Exist.

For those who don't/didn't have access to these/those DNS providers, or a Local DNS. It is a simple matter of adding an additional entry to the localhost file [cite needed]. Which fortunately, is available on every Network Enabled computer. It's part of the arpa standard. Generally speaking; it's as simple as adding the offending IP address to the file. Problem solved. There are also trickier implementations that can be employed. But, for the sake of this review, it's enough to say; simply add the IP.

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