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Using this code gets me almost exactly what I needed. There still was a few bugs: the link in the main text were sometime not working. Either the file:/// part was missing in a link or some directories were lost from the path to the html files.

I did this: in the pod2html method around line 735

#Pod::Html::pod2html(@args); my $p = Pod::Simple::HTML->new(); $p->html_css(substr($args[7],6) ); my $fn = substr ( $args[5], 10 ); open FH, ">" . $fn or die("can't open $fn for writing $!"); $p->output_fh(*FH); $p->index(1); $fn = substr ( $args[4], 9) ; $p->parse_file( $fn ) or die("can't open $fn to parse $!"); close FH;

and in the head of the script

#use Pod::Html qw( 1.04 ); use Pod::Simple::Html;
With this modification, the link in the text part are working, and the ennoying "manpage" are removed.

Pod::Master is very useful and that's a pity its author never put it on CPAN.