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Image::Magick with ActiveState

by Odud (Pilgrim)
on Dec 05, 2014 at 16:25 UTC ( #1109367=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Odud has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Has anyone managed to install Image::Magick under ActiveState Perl. I have version 5.20.1 and the module isn't available to install using the package manager. It doesn't seem to be available for any versions after 5.16 and that isn't available for download anymore. I have tried following the instructions on the Image Magick site but I can't find the two dlls it mentions.

ImageMagick must already be installed on your system. Done

Also, the ImageMagick source distribution for Windows 2000 is required. Got this, but not quite sure where it should be unpacked to

You must also have the nmake from the Visual C++ or J++ development environment. Got this

Copy \bin\IMagick.dll and \bin\X11.dll to a directory in your dynamic load path such as c:\perl\site\5.00502. I can't find these in the folders that the Image Magick install created

Any hints or tips would be much appreciated.

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Re: Image::Magick with ActiveState
by syphilis (Archbishop) on Dec 05, 2014 at 23:52 UTC
    Got this, but not quite sure where it should be unpacked to

    Did your ImageMagick installation include the header files ? If not then this might explain the need for the source.
    Keep this in mind if you get errors about unlocatable header (.h) files.

    I can't find these in the folders that the Image Magick install created

    I'd just make sure that the ImageMagick bin folder is in my path.

    HTH ... good luck.


      I did make sure sure I got all the headers and also that bin was in my path by calling convert from the command line

        Have you made any progress in getting the module built ?
        If not, what have you tried and (importantly) what are the error messages you've struck ?

Re: Image::Magick with ActiveState
by Laurent_R (Canon) on Dec 05, 2014 at 23:29 UTC
    It may not be related to your specific problem, but I know several people that have moved from Active Perl to Strawberry because of the policy recently adopted by Active Perl with respect to supported versions and module support.

    Please note that I am sot saying that you should migrate to Strawberry, I do not know the problem concerning your specific case. I am only saying that some persons that I know have done it for problems looking quite similar to yours.

      Experiments with Strawberry

      C:\Users\Pete>ppm install Image::Magick Installing package 'Image-Magick'... Error installing package 'Image-Magick': Read a PPD for 'Image-Magick' +, but it is not intended for this build of Perl (MSWin32-x86-multi-th +read-64int-5.20)

      Trying with CPAN seemed to work (one test failed but I forced it in), but I now can't get Image::ExifTool to install... I will continue to try.

      I've now managed to install everything I need - I was getting random failures in CPAN that were avoided by quitting and restarting the DOS CMD prompt

        For reference in case anyone else needs to do this here's what I did:

        1. Install Strawberry 5.20.1 for 32 bit

        2. Instal ImageMagick 6.9.0 Q16 for 32 bit including the headers

        3. start CPAN and force install Image::Magick

        I didn't try with the 64 bit versions. So far so good, let's see how I get on with Strawberry this time!

      I have tried moving to Strawberry in the past - the problems I had was that a lot of stuff that I downloaded from CPAN gave me lots of make errors that were beyond my ability to fix. I do like ActiveState because (in general) if I can find it in Package Manager then it installs and works without trouble.

Re: Image::Magick with ActiveState
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 05, 2014 at 21:46 UTC
    what are the names of the dlls you did find?

      they all start CORE_RL_ e.g. CORE_RL_jpeg.dll

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