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I am improving the support for Windows in Net::SSH::Any and adding backends for additional SSH clients, including one for the Tectia command line client sshg3 which has the nice feature of being fast (because it reuses connections transparently).

Currently I am passing passwords to sshg3 on the command line, but that is quite insecure as anybody with access to the machine can see them. Fortunately, the program also accepts reading them from a file, but now the problem is that I don't really know how to create a temporary file which only the current user is allowed to access on Windows...

Well, ok, I could invent something, but I don't like inventing things when security is involved and specially on a platform that I don't know well.

So, can anybody illuminate me?

And while we are at it, beta-testers for Net::SSH::Any are welcome. The development version is available from GitHub.