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Dear Perl Monks,

I wanted to run an example from PDL Book and for that I needed PDL::Graphics::Simple module. I used Strawberry Perl PDL edition v.5.30.1 on Windows 10 and tried to install this module with cpanm PDL::Graphics::Simple function but encountered an error. The last lines of log file show that several tests failed:
Test Summary Report ------------------- t/simple.t (Wstat: 1536 Tests: 85 Failed: 6) Failed tests: 5, 73-74, 78, 80, 82 Non-zero exit status: 6 Files=1, Tests=85, 2 wallclock secs ( 0.05 usr + 0.00 sys = 0.05 CPU) Result: FAIL Failed 1/1 test programs. 6/85 subtests failed. gmake: *** [Makefile:871: test_dynamic] Error 6 -> FAIL Installing PDL::Graphics::Simple failed.
I found that there were more people having problems with this module and CPAN Testers matrix shows many failures. Thanks for any help on how to solve this in order to run examples from PDL book.