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This helps put a new perspective on several questions I've had. I've been reluctant to dive into a frameworks because 1, its overkill for the project I am working on and 2, I want to be able understand code without a layer of abstraction.

Recently, I've been involved with a Perl web project and really enjoying it. As someone new'ish to Perl, reading about online has been a can of worms, and I don't wish spark any animosity. However, by removing and not adapting frameworks (yet), it has forced me to look under the hood and learn Perl more deeply and has been rewarding. I've gleaned quite a bit just by inspecting the too. The threads you've provided give much food for thought, thank you.

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by Your Mother (Archbishop) on Jan 29, 2020 at 15:25 UTC

    I think for a new programmer with some understanding of HTTP, Mojolicious is probably easier to learn, definitely easier to write, and an altogether superior toolkit to any of the F?CGI:: family. I like for what it is and I wrote thousands of scripts/CGIs with it. I would never use it again except for certain kinds of testing and quick HTML templating.

      Thank you. I've read good things about Dancer as well. From your experience, Would you say that Mojolicious is the best framework for FCGI?

      As an aside, I am not necessary a new programmer, just rusty. I developed PHP years ago, then moved into other areas of tech. Outside of a little bit of python, lua, and javascript, I've done very little programming for nearly 8 years. I recently had project that Perl was the perfect fit, and I became hooked. I never realised the vastness of cpan and 'usefulliness' of Perl, so its made diving back into programming fun again. This particular board has been useful for when I am stuck, and when I am very stuck, the responses have been very quick!

        Lots of devs like Dancer2. I am not one of them. :P My expertise is Catalyst but itís a terrible thing to recommend to someone just starting out and Iím using it less frequently all the time. Mojolicious::Lite is super easy to jump into. As far as FastCGI, I would recommend against it, pretty strongly. It has no benefit over other application persistence layers, far, far fewer features, and depending on deployment, it has some drawbacks; like requiring a webserver restart to pick up new code, or making forking impossible/tricky. I only use uWSGI when I have the ability to choose for myself. I am using Catalyst over FCGI and a custom app server + at work but not by choice. I also strongly recommend nginx over apache at this point in the game.