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Note: I'm a beginner.

I have a file with questions (lines ending with a "?") followed immediately with answers, then a new line break:

$ cat quiz.txt Name 2 shapes? square circle Which continent is north of South America? North America Who was the 1st person on the moon? Neil Armstrong

I'm trying to create a perl script that prompts me with the question, followed by my <STDIN> and then displays the answer/s. Just as simple as that. No evaluation of whether the answer is correct and no score measurements etc..

I've done a perl one-liner that can prompt me the questions successfully:

$ perl -le '@array_q = `cat quiz.txt | grep ?`; foreach(@array_q){ print ; chomp($enter=<STDIN>) ; print "\n";}'

I then did another one-liner that can probe me for the answer:

$ perl -le '@array_ans = `cat quiz.txt | grep -v ?`; foreach(@array_ans){ print ; chomp($enter=<STDIN>) ; print "\n";}'

Since I had the 2 components of my quiz engine, I thought it would be simple combining the 2 one-liners using a nested foreach loop, but I'm running into all sorts of problems:

perl -le '@array_ans = `cat quiz.txt | grep -v ?`; foreach(@array_ans){ @array_q = `cat quiz.txt | grep ?`; foreach(@array_q){ print ; chomp($enter=<STDIN>) ; print "\n";}  print;}'

The output is all over the place and not what I expected.

Now I'm not necessarily interested in the answer, but more if I'm thinking about this problem in the correct way. After chewing on this issue for a week, I'm thinking along the lines of hashes being more appropriate since a quiz question can be associated with an answer. Any advice please?