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Somehow it must be (or is) a kind of Urban Legend with this Java stuff. And project managers like The Promised Land and The Holy Grale. IT must be good. Because from Sun/Oracle. Apple used it for years for their WebObjects. IT must be good. IT is a real programming language because itís OO. IT must be good. If repeated > 1000 times everybody believes it. Cato used a similar method more than 2000 years ago. And Carthago disappeared. IT is good. Else bad programmers. Basta. Hint: If you want to get brain-fucked for some unknown reason take a look at the code of LifeRay. Donít do it. I have sorrows about your mental health. One more thing: I canít remember how often I was forced to get up at about 2 or 3 AM to kill some fubar crashed Java applications. And the word TomCat should be better avoided when Iím in the room.

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Best regards, Karl

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