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Re^5: Unable to upvote answers

by erzuuli (Cannon)
on Sep 29, 2020 at 15:11 UTC ( [id://11122335]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Unable to upvote answers
in thread Unable to upvote answers

Sorry, that was our fault. You had created a new user (pritesh_ugrankar), even though you had an old one already (pritesh); and one of us (I don't think it was me) turned off voting for the newer account. We should have turned off voting on the older account.

Because you have now created yet another account (that_perl_guy), I have turned off voting for all your old accounts; you may only vote with that_perl_guy now.

By the way, you also had other old accounts -- anonypl and perl514. Why are you creating so many accounts? If you have trouble remembering your password, you can always /msg gods to get password reset.

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Re^6: Unable to upvote answers
by pritesh_ugrankar (Monk) on Sep 29, 2020 at 16:52 UTC


    Yes, I did forget the password. And in some cases I forgot the username too. Sorry. So which one can I use? If possible, can you delete all the other accounts and keep only pritesh_ugrankar?

      If you forget your username or password, you can /msg the gods even anonymously using the form on the following page:
      Retrieving a forgotten username or password
      Be sure to include all the details you can remember, especially the email address.

      So which one can I use?

      erzuuli is saying that you should use that_perl_guy, as that is the only one of your accounts that has voting enabled.



        Will do. Sorry for this mess. I should've read the instructions to message the gods as stated.

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